Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Birth Month part ...

And now to wrap up the moat fantastic birthday weekend ever!

We started off with breakfast on the porch... Drew put away some major travel size boxes of cereal! So proud of him!

We went and looked for stumps to use as footstools, end tables etc... Which we ended up completely forgetting....

We made one last morning hike up to the waterfall... Gorgeous as always!

When we finally made our way down to the lodge we, arrived just in time for the Sunday brunch.... Oh my... It was amazing! And look baby desserts! Too great!

We hung out by the water for a long time, talking about life, and the pursuit of happiness! Truly, it was picture perfect!

Just Drew and me.... And the fishes!

A weekend of perfection!

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  1. sounds amazing Linds, appreciate those mountains for me! East Coast "mountains" are pretty much hills...