Tuesday, September 27, 2011


One of the reasons (of many) I cannot wait to finish the house.... I want to hang some art! I have been gathering via pinterest, some pieces that I either want to buy or recreate, to hang for constant inspiration in my home... I think all to often we get stuck in just getting through the day... Next thing you know its been weeks then years later, when life has just happened to you.... Or you think you simply have to follow in the steps that are laid out for you.... Instead why not live the life you imagine? Do it, and live it confidently... No one can argue with that...

So simple.... So true.... I believe so strongly in self fulfilling prophesies... Believe it, and do it!

Oh Jillian Michaels.... I heart you, my girl crush.... Why not you.... Why not me....I want to display these quotes somewhere in my home... To see every day, to remind myself to live each day with purpose, and live the life I want.
... Inspiration...


  1. I think I need the top one for my kitchen... and I think I need you to come decorate it ;)

  2. Lindsay, you are a great example of all of those quotes! I love how you DO so much. I am always amazed at all the stuff you do when I look at your blog. Thanks for the inspiration. :)