Friday, September 9, 2011

Week, Brought to you by Instagram!

El Cheapo! Drew was out of town and I still managed a visit to the Home (away from home) Depot!

Picking up food for the littlest pooch, I discovered that Fisher Price makes puppy toys! I totally get that!

While Drew was gone the pooches and I took a cruise up to Sundance for a hike... More on that later... Love the Provo mountains... Not so much Provo!

I tried a spray paint picture... To be Continued...

Became a convert of the polar pipe... Blows my mind!

Cruising around in my favorite artist Co-op, came across this creepy beauty... The arm.... That's what kills me! But seriously the old flamingo.... Is ah-MAZING! Go to there!

Have a happy weekend!

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