Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lindsay Redd Design, LLC

Lindsay Redd Design, LLC is up and running, and I'm working on my first projects... I am working with an investor who rehabs homes, and I'm lucky enough to be able to do the design work on them. Here is the rundown before...

I love paint swatches... This one was a pretty easy choice... I went with Seal Grey by Behr. For the house, and Agave by Behr for the door.


I love the contrast of the dark house, and the light door.

Below is the a pink beauty! This house has been a little tricky, we were going with one look when I picked the exterior colors. And then ended up putting cedar shakes on the pop outs... I would have gone with a different color if we knew we were doing the shakes, but what can ya do? The creme trim looks perfect with the shakes! I'll take that victory!

I probably would have gone with the top green in the picture below with the shakes, but I chose the bottom grey which is Ashes by Behr.


Drew designed and executed the front posts! They look awesome!

Add so much to the style and interest of the house! This week I'll be wrapping up the design for the interiors of these houses. Love our jobs!



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  1. WOW! Great work ~ they all look so good ~ what a transformation.