Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Paint Decks, Floor Plans and Tile

Do you have something that you think about all day every day? Drew and I are both extremely lucky to work in a field we are both in love with... Exceptionally lucky to have it be in complimentary fields with each other.... And even luckier to be able to work with each other almost every day. I always thought it was funny that most people could see their coworkers more than they see their spouse! It was for sure that way for us these last four years. Now I get to pop in and see Drew's pretty face a few times a day... And watch him work on my design! Ha! It's like a dream come true!

Paint!! How pretty are paint chips? I'd say, way.... To super... But what's not pretty about some of them are the prices! I like to be the person that spends an hour in a store picking out each and everyone of the paint swatches.... I use old key rings, and poof! Paint deck!

I love floor plans.... The picture of this one reminds me so much of the Mauder's Map from Harry Potter (NERD)... Mischief Managed..... (Geeked out on that one)....

I love good classified finds.... In the 5th East house we left in an almond tub... How does one make that look decent? Well I decided to just go with the beige theme so as not to make it stand out. But I did not want to just use 12x12 travertine... I lucked out and found this 2x2 on an mesh 12" sheet in the classifieds! It retails for almost $10 a sq/ft at Home Depot.... I got it for $0.50 a sq/ft! Deal! I tiled the basement bathroom for $17! Success!

This is the tile I chose for the kitchen. Installed in a herringbone pattern.


For the bathroom, I love the look of white subway tile, but wanted to try something a little different and went with a6x8 tile. And glacier ice glass tile accent border.

I'm not quite sure why this picture looks so brown. But the tile looks awesome! We used a war, grey grout and it really adds dimension to the glass tile!

The slab yard is where I go to find countertops... Not your average shopping day! But everyday I love what I do!




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