Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Photos For Your Pleasure...

I found this lovely gold braided belt at a thrift store... Perfect for our princess Cleo! Yep... Our dogs wear belts for collars...

Mac likes to keep an extra bone in the crook if his arm, while he chews another...

Watching the wonder boy prep the floors for staining...

Mac runs errands with me. He refuses to be left at home. He's my buddy...

Man, I think I spent an entire month being sick! This little walking virus above passed out with her feet in the air, underneath a coffee table.... I was way jealous!

Drewpy putting in the usual crazy hours.... This was at 11 PM.... He started work at 7 AM.... We take our together time however we can get it. Today it was watching him float the basement floor.

Pussy Willows.... That were followed up by two huge storms... Awesome!

This is for you and your mom Virginia!

Waiting for me to get out of the shower... My little shadows.

And this is where you can find Drew when we are at my parents house.... He really enjoys the in-laws as you can clearly see!


  1. love the Gene Wilder picture-- you can just hear him say that line

  2. Oh Linds, the Condescending Wonka Texas meme speaks to me more than you know

  3. So glad to have made it on the blog!! You are always welcome back to Texas with open arms!!