Wednesday, March 7, 2012

House Treasures...

I stumbled upon this couch at a thrift store and fell in love.... I had to have it! It has the perfect peacock inspired colors.... I have a real thing for peacocks.... It also folds out into a bed... After our sweet pooch Caesar ate our beautiful Chesterfield from heaven... We haven't had a big couch.... And Cleo looks at us while we sit on the settee like, "which one of you is going to get up and lay on that dog bed.... Because it's certainly not going to be me!". After a lot of pleading Drew let me buy it! I can't wait to paint our walls and get carpet so I can see this beauty in all it's glory!

I went on a treasure hunt at the Habitat for Humanity store.... Amid boxes and boxes of light pieces... Digging through for an hour... Disassembling four other lights to see how they work, and what pieces I should be looking for... I came out triumphant with this milk glass hobnail light! Two of my favorite things in a light! The best part was the whole thing cost $1.50!

I bought this dresser, that has great potential at Savers for $7.... All she needs is a little TLC and paint and she will look amazing in our living room or office!


My favorite find so far has been this giant travel trunk. I ended up tearing the leather of my car door cramming it in..... But now that its home and being used as our entertainment center it was all worth it. It just needs a little cleaning and buffing and polishing and it will definitely be a focal point.


All of the metal is intact and in great shape.... Nothing a little WD-40 can't bring to a shine!

it has these awesome tags and stamps on it from all over the world! Does it get better?

With my thrift ing goggles on I almost passed on this beauty... $20.... No way.... I just kept coming back to it and couldn't live without it....


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  1. I have been terrible at following blogs lately and was so pleasantly surprised to find your blog up and running today. Been doing some catch up and everything looks amazing as always. LOVE that new puppy. And how awesome you have your own design business going!!! I want to hear details. Coming at easter. LOVE YOU