Tuesday, April 3, 2012

5th East Home Complete...

The 5th East house wrapped up the week after it sold.... Yep... This beauty sold before hitting the market... It sold before we had countertops in.... Pretty crazy. The before exterior...

The after.... Love that aqua door...

just a better picture of the color... The one above is a little washed out.

The interior before.... Lovely.



During demo...

And an after....

I was going to paint inside the nook blue... But the house sold too quickly.... That's the kind of problem I like to have!

Love these lights... The drum light was perfect for the breakfast nook, and the track lighting helped to elongate the galley kitchen.

The only picture I have of the bathroom was after it was completely gutted... Testing my materials together.

I love how it all all came together!

The large subway tile looked so good. Gave a much cleaner surface. I broke up the glass accent to give it the appearance of having more. And help draw the eye up.

This bathroom had a large linen closet, so to make it feel bigger and more open we went with the pedestal sink.

The kitchen before...

My favorite thing to design in the house was the flooring. Using 4x12 grey tile we did a 90 degree herringbone. My thought was to draw the eye both out the door and side to side. I think it turned out perfect.




  1. Obsessed! You and Andrew are so talented!!!!

  2. Obsessed! You and Andrew are so talented!!!

  3. amazing!! You guys have so much talent. Will you please design our first house?

  4. of course it sold so fast! you guys are amazing Linds. Amazing.