Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Key Rack DIY

You know the cold sweat you get and the pit in your stomach you feel when you should have left for work 10 minutes ago. It you can't find your keys? No, just me? Hmm.... I am constantly losing me keys. I set them down somewhere never to be found again. Drew has moved from wanting to slap me every time this happens, to patiently waiting on the couch while I go room to room in a panic. Well no more! I took a $1 frame and $0.50 leather belt from a thrift store. I had some of these small gold hooks on hand but probably would have been out another $1. And snagged this driftwood from a hike to Dog Lake.

I spray painted the frame gold, cut the leather belt in half and made two loops. I nailed the loops onto the back of the frame. I hand screwed the gold hooks in the driftwood and slipped it through the hooks. I like the wood sitting outside the frame so the keys don't hit the wall. We'll soon see if we can make it a habit to keep our keys here. This could be a game changer!