Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project Knock-off...

I am going to fore warn you, this project is not yet completed.... Don't start this post hoping to have a war, and fuzzy after. It won't happen, yet..... You have been warned.

I found a nightstand at (Gigi) Urban Outfitters that I loved. For $150 it was out of my price range. But I kept it pinned for later.

One day while cruising around Savers I found 10 balusters for $2. And waited patiently for Drew to get home. I drew up some elaborate plans.... And we got to work with scrap wood we had from our old bed.

Don't those balusters look pretty darn close to the original legs on Urban Outfitters version?


Drew drilled some pocket holes on the inside of the faces to attach the legs.

Don't mind our tenants stash of moving boxes, etc in the background. Focus on the end table.

Then he ripped down a 1" strip of wood and face framed (?) the lip of the table. He then jig sawed out the hole for the door. This was making it up as we want. Remember we have 6 more balusters and scrap wood, so messing up was no biggie. Next one we will piece together the front for cleaner lines. We still need to build the door, but instead of inserting the cane webbing in the door, I am going to put in a gold metal grate door. And I will love it.

Testing out dimensions.

Soon ours will be in its happy little home. Whether that is in our house or we start selling them. Time will tell....

To Be Continued....


  1. oh wow-- that is so great!!! finish it. finish it. finish it... tonight please so we can see the finished product

  2. that will be sooo cute! love it! i don't know if you wrote a comment on your blog responding to a comment I wrote about us buying a home with bright purple/orange walls... haha I love your taste wish we were closer and I would totally use your expertise! kris' mom is an interior designer too so we should be in good hands. she just had a more elegant/expensive style... I like that yours is really unique, youthful, happy sophisticated, etc.!! keep posting! you inspire me! miss you!!