Friday, December 14, 2012

For Your Viewing Pleasure...

How amazing are these cookies! I want them all! I found out about them here (via). They are from here...

I think the trailer might be my favorite! I want to order them when we finish out trailer...


These would be perfect with my campfire...

I can get behind Pantones color of the year.... I do want to put my hands on it and shout "Oz!"..... Please tell me you watched Return to Oz? Still traumatizing... Those wheelers?.... Terrifying... And the heads? Yikes!


I would have a whole litter of children right now if I knew this stuff existed... Easy! Except why would I give an infant an energy drink!?... That's the only issue I see here...

And the pups... Yes... This is my pillow... All three of us shared it...

Happy Friday!


  1. Crib Dribbler, that is awesome. Where do you find this stuff? Maybe I should get one for the baby, that way I can pretend it is a pet rabbit.

    1. I like to keep my ear to the ground for what's hip! I know stuff! Ha! Pet rabbit... Perfect! I will pretend mine are gerbils and get them those awesome balls to roll around the house in! Brilliant!

    2. Brilliant! A playpen they can't escape from or climb on furniture with. Hmm, you may have a future in designing baby gear.

  2. Does it bother anyone else that on the list of acceptable foods it says stew?! Just what you want your child eating, and then spilling all over their crib, ground beef and celery...ugh. That is awesome.


    1. I see nothing wrong with stew..... In fact that's sometimes how I feed Drew!!