Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mini Faux Taxidermy DIY

I came across a glittered stag ornament in the sale section of Target.

Adorable... Too adorable to be out away after Christmas.

I found a wood rosette (aka the thing you mount on the wall where a banister dies into a wall.) at a thrift store and brought it home and slapped two coats of paint on it.

Then I cracked open some of my Gorilla Glue that I won! I used the super glue because it dries fast, strong and has no expansion.

I waited 15 minutes.... ....

Fresca to show size....

Super glued three teeny tiny magnets on the back and it's the perfect accent to my magnet board....

See the little guy up in that corner? Love!


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  1. Can we just spend the day together and you can teach me all your crafty ways?!?