Wednesday, January 30, 2013

On My Nightstand...

Or make that, on my phone... Where'd You Go Bernadette, blew my mind! I will be honest.... I picked this book solely because I loved the cover. They say you can't judge a book by its cover... That's basically how I choose 90% of the books I read.

Back to my book... Seriously, this book was right up my alley! A story about an award winning woman architect. Awarded for her brilliance in designing and building the "20 mile home". The challenge she gave herself was to complete an entire home with materials found from no further than 20 miles away. Not including a big box store that may have gotten its materials shipped to them. A concept I had been thinking about well before I read the book. Anytime I we worked on something in our house I tried to find it used.

Our soaker tub was a misfit from someone's job. Our bathroom floor tile was surplus from a tile job. Our doors were tear outs from a 100 year old home that were just going to go straight to a landfill. Our bathroom vanity we repurposed from an entertainment center a client wanted Drew to throw away. Our furniture is all second hand. Even some of our trim was repurposed from our bed. (Look how I segwayed into talking about myself.... Clever...)

I want spoil any more of the book, but lets say her social anxiety hit close to home too! I'm telling you.... The book spoke to me!



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  1. in the spirit of all those harry potter books that i talked you into loaning me .... i need to borrow this one :) sounds like a great read