Monday, January 21, 2013

Valentopia.... Or that's what Target wants me to call it...

Oh boy! I'm a holiday decorating addict! Give me some walls and I'll slap some holiday decor on it! I went with a friend to Target to find some Valentine's goodies, and find them we did! I raided the dollar section of all Target's felt decor. It's absolutely adorable!
I snaked the last XOXOXO felt bunting... And didn't think twice about it! This felt garland found its home on my thrifted mirror.
There is something about these Springer Spaniels.... They love a good photobomb! Here are some of Polly's greatest sneaks here and here...

Yes the Be Mine bunting was also in the dollar section. Seriously Target.... You're blowing my mind...

I have been on the hunt for a fake little tree to decorate for every holiday. I found the perfect gold tree at Pier 1 for 50% off. Can't beat that. It will be perfect to hang little eggs from for Easter! Shamrocks for St. Patrick's... The list goes on and on.... I found these hearts at Savers for pennies and glued some bakers twine on the top and put them on my tree!

Love them!

Love them, but hate the photo quality...

Kind of looks like we forgot to turn off our fog machine... Oh what? Maybe we did...

My ikea Lerberg unit is getting over decorated... Some editing must done...

Onto the kitchen... My chalkboard is still lips... I love them... I have yet to replace my calendar from last year. I loved it so much I can't find one I like as much as I did that one... So I hung up a craft my friend talked me into... I was scurred.... I am crazy about how it turned out. I first had it as a bunting, but like how I can see the details when they are displayed like this.

Taped up on my reclaimed window.

The details.... We spent some quality time in a craft store picking out cute paper, ribbon, stickers, ric rac, etc. etc.

We glued the paper on top of some playing cards and them layered on the cute.

And left some of the heart cards plain Jane and adorable.

What cute craft is complete without a teeny tiny clothes pin? You tell me!

Happy Valentine decorating to me and you!



  1. FINALLY! worth the wait for sure-- all darling and so valentopia- i love these decorations "i was scurred" hahah you make me laugh

    1. That was for you! I thought about putting it off one more day to get better lighting. But didnt want to risk sendin you over the edge! You're welc!

  2. You are seriously talented. Looks so good!

    1. Why thank you! Now I just want to dress like you!