Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Paint Colors...

We are painting!! And I'm kind of crazy about using the Vine App to document the construction process.... Follow me username: Lindsay Redd...  This is my favorite Vine so far... After I filmed the paint I begged Drew to bow... Took me 15 minutes but I finally got him... Totally made the video!
 Oh paint prep.... I love/hate it... I am trying to put together a step by step for how we paint prep... It's a little more intense then most DIYers do, but it gets the professional look... Worth it!
The wainscot is in and looking fabulous... More on this later... 
For now the paint colors are:
Moonshine, Benjamin Moore (Walls)
Simply White Ultra, By Specialty Paints... Matched at Kwal... Kwal is the best at matching paints!

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