Monday, March 25, 2013

One More Week...

This is my mantra this week! 7 more days until Drewpy comes home!

And long live Britney!



  1. I love a good Britney reference for a Monday! You can do it Linds!

  2. Thank you. You know how I feel about Britney. Remember when you thought you had the same birthday as her son, but awkwardly you didn't? It was an easy mistake because I think you thought we were out to dinner to celebrate your birthday when actually we were celebrating Britney's happy news. Britney warms my heart. I just looked at that link you posted to the pictures of the little boy and his dog and just about died. I can't stop looking at it and thought about making the picture of them on the dog bed together my screen saver at work because i want to look at it constantly. Then I realized people would probably be very nervous that I had a picture of a child that is in no way related to me as my screensaver. Maybe I'll have to save it for my home computer.

  3. I love your felted leprechauns! So cute.

  4. Hahahaha this seriously makes me feel better about my "bad" day. Long live B Spears!