Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Oh my! This book was amazing! I kept hearing about it, but seeing as its a junior novel I thought myself superior... Just kidding, I just thought it was a kids book... While every kid should read this, I think every adukt should too. I cried... Several times... It's just a book to bring us all back to human decency I highly recommend this book. For everyone, and especially everyone entering Junior High!


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  1. I guess I should read this, too. Jennifer of the blog 'Turtle and Robot' suggested this book to me for my 10 year old nephew that is experiencing some severe health issues. The book came highly recommended by Jennifer and she has reviewed the book on her blog (great book blog, by the way: http://www.turtleandrobot.com/).

    As I said, this was recommended to me as a gift for my nephew. I gave it to him as a Christmas present just prior to one of his many surgeries. I'm thinking I should read it as well. Thanks for the confirming my suspicions. :)