Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Penny Tile

I love this bathroom tile so much... I hate trying to get a decent in the bathroom! It doesn't help that one springer spaniel chewed off my flash... Eff!
We tried to keep this awesome flooring. It just couldn't be revived. Sad day! I saw a beautiful bathroom done by Alice lane that used rectangular, square and navy penny round tile. It was beautiful. I used the basic idea but changed it a bit for my liking. I used mint penny round tile that I found on And then trimmed out the penny round tile with a beaded trim tile from lowes.

Oh I love it so!

This was a during shot.


And an overly enhanced photo because of the terrible lighting.

Crazy in love with this bathroom.

About the details... No loud accents, just texture.

I want to take this bathroom home with me.




  1. So I haven't been to your blog in forever! For some reason I didn't think you were doing it anymore, but I'm so glad you are!! Love this bathroom too!

  2. Love it! less is more for sure.