Monday, March 18, 2013

Rainbow Yarn Scavenger Hunt...

I love holidays! My mom loved holidays... Is it nature? Nurture? Who knows... All I know is I love them and I'm not going to wait around to have kids before I celebrate! I have even stooped so low as to make Drew go on a treasure hunt for his Eater basket... This year I got to nanny the day before St. Patrick's Day... What was I to do? Well I was inspired by Oh Happy Days Rainbow Yarn Trail... I mixed it up a bit and made a scavenger hunt...
I bought a pack of these Lion Brand bonbons from Joanne's. I bought two but only needed one. Each mini skein is 38 yards...

I tied the ends of all the colors together and left the skein in the bag. I tied the ends around something and would just hold the bag semi closed so so the skein couldn't come out and the would just unravel as I went. Perfect.

These Lion Brand bonbons had just a cute little pop of metallic in them...
What I love about Joanne's is that before the holiday they have their holiday stuff on Sale. I picked up all of the St. Patrick's Day stuff for 70% off. Score! I drew pictures of objects that they were supposed to find, that would lead to another clue, then follow more of the rainbow to the next set of things to find. It's like a mix of a scavenger/treasure hunt! The kids loved finding the leprechaun gold.... I still like the ones we made last year... They managed to disappear throughout the year...

And they're off....

The sun! It is nice to see the sun again! The followed the rainbow and clues to the first treasure!

I made some felted toadstools! I think they are darling! They needed to find enough leperchaun gold to out in the treasure chest to get the real treasure at the end! The treasure being squinkies.... Have you seen those things? They would have been right up my alley as a kid! Teeny tiny objects? Yes please!

More rainbow... More clues... More objects to find...

A felted leperchaun... I had fun making the first two felted leprechauns.... The last two have some funny limbs, because I was over it! Ha!

More rainbow! More Sun! They were loving it!

Last leperchaun and clue.... The squinkie treasures were hidden in the teepee!

Such a fun and easy activity! Hope you had a fabulous St. Patrick's Day!

Top O' the Mornin' To You!



  1. SO cute and i am in love with your felted presents... I'll be they LOVED it!

  2. Wow, so creative, can you come do all those fun things when we have kids?

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