Monday, May 19, 2008


To my amazing sister Meghan!! Congratulations on graduating and turning 24 on the same day!! You're an amazing sister, and we just wanted to tell you how great we think you are!!!
Meghan and I pretty much grew up as twins. Only being born 16 months apart, we were pretty much inseperable!! So many memories we have together, a lot of them include those sponge curlers you see in Meghan's hair!! Meghan was much better about keeping them in! (yes I started my life out as a brunette!!)
Just a picture of the "little girls." This is what we were called, we always came in a set. My sister Kami said the other day that she just realized she always said our name as one. We are always MeghanLindsay. It's never Meg And Lindsay, just meghanlindsay. And I love it!!
This is Meghan and me at soccer camp. You can tell who was really there to actually play. Meghan is up for any adventure, and I love that about her. Whether it is signing up for soccer camp just to go to St. George and hang out!! Meghan has always been there to support me and I love her for that!
And last but not least you HAVE to throw in a picture of Disney World!! No better place to spend time with your sister than the Happiest Place on Earth!!! Boy do we love this place!!


  1. You two are so dang cute, and happy birthday to Meghan

  2. that is not you as a child. your parents just didn't have any pictures of you so they said the neighbor was you and lied about the hair color. haha funny

  3. What a nice tribute! Meggie's lucky she has you as a sis. Thanks for taking care of our kids. You're the greatest sis to your sisses!