Thursday, May 15, 2008

We Had To Do It!!!

As much as we want to pretend like we are not those people who are obsessed with our dog, but if we had his percentiles from the doctor you bet we would be bragging about them. He for now (and for quite a while) is our only baby!
This is Caesar with his baby! Lindsay took him to the pet store and Caesar picked up this duck and hasn't put it down since. Wherever he goes the duck is right with him, he only sets him down for a second to sniff at something, then he picks him right back up to explore something else.
This is Caesar before we had his ears done!! Look how cute and floppy they are!! Love this dog!
Caesar and Andrew just surfing the internet!!
We woke up in the morning and found Caesar like this! He had picked the blanket off the floor and tucked himself in!! He was covering his face from the light... Yes we think he's fantastic!
My fifteen week old puppy!!!! Its amazing how fast they grow... sad at points because he gets growing pains and you can tell he is sore. He is now taller than our friends two year old lab!! He will be one big boy!
After the ear cropping!! Now people don't like to just walk in our gate. Especially at night, which we love! And this is Caesars first day of school photo! haha his first day of puppy preschool!! (we're still working on getting that one ear to straighten up)

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