Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our Little Projects!!

Well this is where it all started! I can't get the before pictures of our table to load so here is the after shot! We started our married life in January, and we came home from our honeymoon to a mattress donated by my sister Kami! (Thanks again Kam!) In desperate need of some help Kami took me shopping and we came out with some treasures... Everything you see in this room we purchased for under $120!! We were so happy! We had to do a lot of sanding, repainting, glazing, and cleaning, but we LOVE how it turned out! It was Andrew's idea to paint the table red, and it turned out better than we thought! We then sanded a kitchen table, and that one is still in the works.
We decided to go a little daring and leave beige land!! We painted the bathroom a 'crisp' blue! We got the idea from a lady that I work for. It is the color of her bathroom, and it makes the room feel very fresh!! The worst part about painting has to be taping... just in my personal opinion!
This is the finished product... The bathroom is tiny, so it was very difficult to get a picture of the whole thing, but you basically get the idea...
Andrew is the hardest worker I know... He is always picking up side jobs to do after work. He has learned how to do so many new things in the last few months, he never ceases to amaze me. These are pictures of the fence where Drew replaced the post that had rotted and caused the fence to fall into the owners lawn!
Drew gives his all into EVERYTHING.... No job is just slapped together... You can tell that by the focus he displays in this photo!!
Y0u can tell how much help I am during most of these projects.... I usually am there to supervise an oversee all of the work that is being done.... And throw in very useful comments!!! haha
Everyday I am surprised by Drew's strength! When he wants something to move, it moves... Something to cut it cuts.... Something to break, it breaks... He's a HERO! As our nephews would say....(and a "real good guy!" according to my brother Michael's son Indy!) I sure like him!!
So not only does Drew have to work extremely hard after work, but he has to stand in stupid positions for photographs because I ask him too!! Secretly he LOVES it!!! Well that is pretty much what we do... We have also cut down trees, broken up concrete (well you know who actually did that one) dog sat, painted, put in disposals, moved washers and dryers- in and out, and in and out, and in and out one more time, torn out basements, put carpet in.... you name it!!
We are now onto a HUGE project but it will be a while before the before and after pictures are ready!!


  1. I love you Linds! Andrew is a pretty awesome guy to put up with all your demands :) Keep posting pictures of you house. I want to come and visit.

  2. You are hilarious. Go Andrew! But we both know he probably couldn't do so much without your helpful comments and support. Haha! Your house is awesome.

  3. You guys are such a GREAT couple! and to think I was there to witness the 'love at first sight' event! Andrew makes me sick...he is putting the rest of us to shame!! (I won't name any names!) You are a lucky girl to have such a hard worker! I want to come see your bathroom in the flesh! We need to step out of beige land as well....! LOVES!!

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