Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Great, Great Dane Day at the Park!

This is Caesars' pre-Great Dane Day at the Park massage! He needed to be on his 'A game" for the day!
Caesar meeting another bandaged friend! This Blue dane is 11 months old... 7 months older than Caesar and they were almost the same size.... Ohhhh boy!!
Caesar and Andrew participating in the Best Couch Sitter contest... Caesar isn't allowed on the furniture so he hopped on and hopped off before we could get a photo! Andrew for the big day wore his new tube socks to the event!! (Love you Dad Hogan!)
Caesars second Blue Dane friend could fit his entire neck in his mouth!! Caesar loved it... The bystanders were a little nervous... Puppy Love!

Great Dane Day at the park is now an annual activity for the Hogan's. We went last year when we were dating, and decided that we needed one. It was fun to come this year with a Dane. There were over seventy Great Danes at the park today, it looks like a bunch of Horses running around barking at each other!! They have competitions like "Best Couch Sitter, Biggest Nose, Cutest Puppy, Best Hot Dog Catcher, Oldest and Youngest Dane." We couldn't stay too long we had to get back to Saturday Chores. One of the 'Greatest' days of the year... No pun intended!

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