Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's What Fun Is........

How can you pass up Ten Dollar Lagoon passes?! You can't!! Kami, being a local in the Farmington area, has inner connections to one of the greatest attractions in Utah... Andrew and I raced up to Lagoon after work and had a blast! I haven't been to Lagoon since Dare Lagoon Day in 6th grade... I have been missing out... Poor Andrew it had been a lot longer... A Family Reunion in his youth... Being raised in Houston he didn't have the luxury of Stake Lagoon Day... Bummer! But we're back, and LOVING IT!!

Katie and Redd enjoying a ride on the "Wild Mouse". Probably the most terrifying ride at the park... I'm not sure how the car stays on those rails... Traumatizing! The kids didn't seem to notice how close to death they were coming!

It's just not Lagoon unless you take a ride on the "White Roller coaster." My niece growing up in the Farmington/Lagoon area, now is well versed in the Lagoon Trivia, and informed us that the "White Roller Coaster" was the only thing that survived Lagoon's huge fire in it's early years! Just a little 'Gee Wizz' knowledge for you.... Hopefully you can use that as a great conversation starter... I know I will!

Here we are about to start our ride! Forgive the low quality picture, I left the camera (of course) so our trusty camera phone came in very handy!

The "White Roller Coaster" in all of its glory!! It had a little more kick to it than I can remember!

Mimi and Sara Jane! This little girl L O V E S her Mimi!! I have never seen her like this with ANYONE!! My mom went on the Carousel with some of the other grand kids, and Sara Jane would scream Mimi every time she saw her come around! Adorable!

ReddMan on the carousel!

"Little Andrew" as he is now called on a ride on the worlds fastest spinning Carousel!

SOOO EXCITED!! I told Andrew we had to walk around holding each other and kissing a lot or you just don't get the full blown Lagoon effect! Just "Big Andrew" and me waiting to go on the 'Terror Ride' that Little Lizzy insisted she go on and watch all of the scary stuff! Then she told me that she "went on a ride with Mimi and it was so fast I puke-ted." Who even knows where she came up with that... And she pretended to dry-heave when she saw Colossus! And said "See I told you I would just puke if I saw Colossus!" Such a fun place! (I should be paid for my endorsements... I know, Lagoon and I are working out a contract)


  1. LINDSEY!! How the heck are you?! I miss you so much! I am so glad we can stay in touch now! We gotta chat and have a Provo reunion!

  2. I love that you found me! You are so crazy fabulous I just love you. Now I will watch your life on the blog! Love it.

  3. i'm here to spread the message....GOD BLESS TEXAS!!!