Sunday, June 8, 2008

Why We LOVE Ogden

After being bedridden with the flu this weekend, we had to get out of the house! We decided to take our Sunday drive up to Ogden. (As if we aren't there enough) Ogden has to be on of my favorite places in Utah... It is relatively close and has so many fun things to do. It's a beautiful drive that we would recommend!

Pineview Reservoir, its like our own little fjord in Utah! The water levels are really high this year which will make for great water skiing!! Can't wait! Our claim to fame with Pineview is that our Granny Combe in high school swam the entire length of the reservoir, quite a feat!

We pulled over on the side of the road to let the dogs get out and play. (We are puppy sitting our friends Golden Retriever Fenway!)

We forgot to bring toys with us, so we improvised with an empty Gatorade bottle to retrieve!

This dog is amazing, he could retrieve the bottle no matter how far into the water you threw it... Caesar just splashed around the edge of the water and watched Fenway have all the fun!

Andrew jumped in last minute to my beautiful scenery shot! I think he makes the picture better!

Just a picture of us, just off of bed rest! You'll have to forgive my haggard appearance it was a long weekend!

A wonderful drive on Utah's Scenic Byway!! How can you not appreciate the beauty here?! Incredible country!

Our last photo of a perfect day.... Just the two of us, a camera, and two wet dogs!


  1. That's beautiful! I also love Ogden, well I love North Ogden....where my new house is. Where abouts are these photos taken?

  2. oh ogden. it's really like my second home. i totally know my way around up there. i have some cousin that live there. i tend to spend most my time there.