Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why We Love Ogden Pt. 2

So many reasons why Ogden is our new favorite place. You would think that spending so much time up here would make us hate it. We are always on the look out for little adventures and activities. On our way to find the local Home Depot... I never thought I would spend so much time in one of these stores! We happened on a darling little Farr's Ice Cream shop! The ice cream was not that expensive and the atmosphere was adorable and rustic as you can see from above picture!

We do these little adventures to help keep my attention... I can only sand, paint, caulk and use a miter saw for so long before I start to get antsy! And when that happens I start following Andrew around and drive him nuts. So no work gets done! Anyway, on this little outing we decided to go to the nearest park (Ogden is abundant in beautiful parks!) We decided we would enjoy our ice cream there! (I promise after this house is finished I will start doing my hair and make-up, there just doesn't seem to be much point when you leave the house caked in dust and paint)

To our ultimate pleasure we happened upon another fun activity Ogden has to offer. It was "Movie Night at the Park" So fun, people come with chairs, blankets, food and frisbees. Before the movie starts they have karaoke! I begged Andrew to sign up, but the sign up was full. So we went back to work on the house. You better believe we will be on stage next time! We got there just in time to hear a lovely version of "Sweet Child of Mine" how lucky are we?!!

I just think this picture is darling of my cute husband Drew!

As mentioned above, I sometimes need a little break from construction. Lucky for me I have a dear friend/sorority sister who is a local Ogdenonian... Yes I made up that word myself... But I feel it will catch on quickly! I call up Chewbs (not sure where that nickname started but it fits her more than her name Chelsea) and make her take me to the local hot spots. This one such adventure we went to the taco vendors on main street. I asked Chewbs if I was going to contract hepatitis... She assured me they are abundant in both B and C. How can you pass that up? Well it was a Wednesday and you know what that means.... TWO TACOS FOR A DOLLAR!! haha! Seriously they were the most amazing tacos we have ever had!! So excited it's Wednesday today because Chewbs and I have a standing date night every Wednesday from now on!!

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  1. I love that you love Ogden. Sam and I just went to that Farr's ice cream shop a few weeks ago. Our other favorite place there is Union Grill. You guys have to try it. It's so good (maybe you already have). It's just south of the front runner station there and has the best cajun turkey sandwich and everything else. In fact call us before your next trip up there and we will meet you. I'm craving one of those sandwiches now.