Thursday, June 19, 2008

Almost There!

Here is our "little project." This little beauty is the reason why we are spending so much time in Ogden! It's a little dismal at first glance, but this house has a great deal of potential that we are trying to unearth! A little love and some elbow grease and this place will be good to go. We have some before pictures and during pictures. We were going to wait until we had the house finished, but we wanted Andrew's parents to get a look before they come home in 8 days!!

This is a picture of us priming the house. I did the lower half with the paint gun and Drew did the top half, so if there is anything wrong with the bottom part its because Drew messed up the top and it ruined the bottom ; ) We are still deciding on what the outside color of the house should be. I think gray with a redd door, Kami thinks a taupe color!

The front room before... Notice the beginning of the clutter the tenants left on the ground... It just gets worse! We have pulled up the carpet and sanded the hardwood floors that were underneath.

We have also sanded, primed and caulked all of the walls and cracks. This room is ready for the paint. Which is a very pretty beige color. The moulding and trim will all be white, and we have new windows. Last step in this room will be to stain the hardwood floor.

And the master bedroom! Could not even see the floor! Incredibly disgusting that people were actually living in this filth. Drew and Brad tossed all of this stuff outside, then Nathan Hogan (Thanks Nate!) loaded it into a dumpster! Probably the most exhausting part of this whole house. Feel free to click on the picture to enlarge it, just so you can really get in there and see this junk in all of it's glory!

Yep, and there's more. The worse part about this is underneath all of these clothes were mice! The people living here said the mice got so bad they couldn't keep food anywhere in the house... Yet they kept living there. There was some major disinfecting done after the clothes were removed.... And still continues! Oh and the tenants came back and asked if we had their candy dispenser... It's kinda like eyespy... Find the candy dispenser... Once you find it, study it, and make sure you never buy candy out of it!

Master bedroom with the junk removed, carpet thrown out and the walls sanded.

Just had to throw in another shot of the clean bedroom because it was such a feat to get it to look like this. This is our carpet that we will be putting in, in the near future. Andrew will be laying it, and is pretty excited!

The dining room off of the kitchen. We had to rent a steamer to get the wallpaper off. Wallpaper is the worst!! Next house if there is wallpaper, my vote is to just paint right over it... That stuff does not want to come off!

After the clean up, and carpet ripped out. We had to go through with the 'blade on a stick thing' and scrape up the fuzz that was left underneath the carpet. I don't know what it was but I'm glad it's gone. This room has now been cleaned, primed and ready for paint!

The 'Pink Room'. Again all of the carpet had to be ripped up, walls sanded patched, caulked and windows will be replaced. We had to go over the floors with a sander to remove the mold spots. To help in reducing the smell that was lingering in the house! That was my job. The giant sander was a little intimidating, but was amazingly fun. If you rolled over a staple or nail it would send sparks flying everywhere! Pretty intense... Can you believe the trash, EVERYWHERE!!

This is Drew and Brad priming the walls in the 'pink room'. We have to paint this room with the same beige color, Andrew will lay the carpet and then they will replace the windows. I'll probably just supervise most of that... It's pretty intense!

The lovely bathroom, with a bizarre mirrored walls... Don't ask, but they had to go.

We bought a tub surround for the bathroom, and then Brad is going to teach us how to do tile. We have awesome slate that we are going to lay in the bathrooms and kitchen that will hopefully turn out nice! And we have to replace the sink and toilet, because as you can imagine they were pretty bad!

The hallway next to the dining room, Brad did a phenomenal job patching that massive hole in the wall. He is quite handy with putty!

Leaned up against the wall are our exterior doors that we are going to hang. They will update the home a lot!

The kitchen this is my favorite room! We have all new counter tops, slate tile, and paint that is going to look amazing. Drew and I tried to sand the cupboard door down, but it took three full sheets of sandpaper to do one door. So (yes I will take credit for this) I decided to go buy some beadboard and make frames and just reface the cabinets! They are looking amazing. And saved us almost a thousand dollars in new cupboards, and drawers.

After vacuuming out all of the mouse droppings, that were everywhere. Cleaning everything and removing all of the doors.

The drawers before we have primed and painted them. We just wanted to see how they would all look together. We think they turned out really nice. And we did every bit of it by hand. Andrew taught me how to use the miter saw to build the frame pieces for the drawers! It is so fun to see all of the knowledge Andrew has about tools. After we cut the frames and the beadboard we just used a nail gun and nailed them to the existing drawers and doors.

The cupboard door before. With the five coats of paint still on them. We seriously sanded through white, green, pink, peach, and white again just to get the wood. Thus why we refaced them.

And the middle step of the cupboard, we will be painting this a little bit of an off white color. We wanted to glaze the groves and corners but we're just selling the house not living in it. So we have to control our creative genius'. This has basically been our lives. We go to work and when we get home we head up here and play. It seriously is so fun learning all of these knew things, and being able to see all of your work turn something ugly into something nice. Our favorite part is that we get to do it together! Can't beat that!
To Be Continued....


  1. Linds, let me just say that I am SO impressed! Andrew has turned you into quite the handy woman. Seriously nice work. And why do the old tenants have sooo many pairs of jeans?! In that big pile there had to be at least 20 pairs. You should count. Love ya!

  2. Ha ha isn't that disgusting!! They said they used to buy the Levi brand jeans and they could sell them to Asian tourists at designer jean prices. Then all of the sudden Wal-Mart started to sell Levi's and they didn't want them anymore.... Seriously over 200 pairs of jeans. Soooo nasty!

  3. wow, what a project! What an accomplishment that will be when its all done! Good luck.