Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cami's HOME!!!!!

YAY!!! Waiting for Cami to get off the plane!! This was the welcoming committee getting all warmed up for the actual moment! We're just missing Uncle Paul who started wandering off!

AHH!! Cami's here after living for three years in Torreon, Mexico!! We couldn't be more excited that she's finally here!! I am pretty sure I was always meant to have a little sister!!

Cami and her big brother Drew!

The welcome home sign!! Love it!

Lindsay is SOO excited her cousin's here!! She couldn't stop screaming!! Ha ha
Lindsay and cute Weston watching Paul sign the papers so we could keep Cami!!

Lindsay adoring Cami, I told you she was excited!!

The empty baggage claim... Cami's bag was missing!

Just the Hogan's at the airport!! Lucky me with the 20/20 vision! Ha ha
Sad part of the picture was I told everyone to look cute and last second I see Cami's tongue so I have to change my face, and then apparently Drew was doing it all along!! Ruined.. ; )


  1. Lindsay, you crack me up, and I miss you!! I also had this random thought the other day... You should have named your dog Hulk, so he could be Hulk Hogan! If that's not super masculine and tough I don't know what is. So, if there is another giant dog in your future, you should consider it, although I'm sure you guys have had that idea pointed out to you countless time...

  2. Wow. Those pictures are HOT. Good thing you got to stand by such a sexy mama to greet Cami - And we should probably remind her that YOU and ME were the ONLY ones who really cared about her coming home. Honestly.

  3. REAL NICE!! Thanks for not inviting us to the party!!