Monday, June 23, 2008

Saved By the..... Dog!

Big Cottonwood Canyon is in desperate need for some of these signs!

So we have decided that thanks to our sister Meghan we really need to get into fly fishing! So we decided to go on a drive up Big Cottonwood and just scout out a few places to go for future fishing. We walked up and down the stream to see if we could see any fish. Or if we should just stick to Weber and Provo Canyons.
(here is a picture of the family on our first adventure fly fishing after work in Ogden on Friday)

Caesar loving life, helping us scout for fish!! Well, we spread out on our walk up the stream after a little bit of a walk we stopped to look for fish in the water. Andrew was about 15 yards away from me, and Meghan was in between us. And Caesar was standing at my feet playing in the water.

As you can see this is by no means really a river. This is where I was standing, and the water when you stepped in would splash at your ankles. Not deep at all.

My view to the other side not zoomed in at all! So I was sitting there, extremely focused on finding fish in the water! When the next thing I know Caesar has stopped moving and let's out the most fearsome bark I have ever heard from a puppy... He is going wild. So I look down at him and all of the hair on his back is on end. He is low on his haunches bearing his teeth. I look up and no more than six feet away from me, standing in this little inlet is a full grown, black, bull moose!! My heart stops because I see the moose isn't stopping. It paused for a minute and looked at Caesar then at me and started across the river at us. First thing that came to my mind was moose kill more people than bears. A fact I learned from my sister Alissa. (Look it up, it's true) So I yell "Run" and I'm screaming at Caesar to come, but he's not budging he is stuck there barking at this beast. He keeps looking at me and looking back at the moose, so I realize he's not going so I have to get out. I am running through the water and my feet get stuck in mud, I kick off my flip flops and look at the moose bearing down on Caesar. I have to climb my way up the steep edge to get up onto the road. I could barely climb down it, taking my time and with shoes on. I had dirt under my finger nails from clawing my way back up. I get to the top and Caesar is still below, the moose has turned his antlers down and is after Caesar, Caesar turns to look at me and sees that I am up the wall and safe so, he lets out a few more barks and heads up after us. The moose follows as well. I'm yelling at Andrew to get the keys so we can jump in the car, he can't remember where they are, and the moose is still after us!

With all of this commotion about three trucks pull up right next to us, and the moose finally starts turning around and ran across the street and up the other side of the mountain!! Probably the most terrifying experiences of my entire life. I would have been oblivious to the moose had Caesar not been watching. An incredible dog!

A moose stand 6-7 feet tall at his shoulders. And can weight between 800 to 1000 lbs! And are surprisingly quick on their feet! Just a little interesting tidbit of knowledge! Imagine trying to run away from one of these!! Gets your heart pumping a little bit!

The hero of the day, and imagine running this road barefoot.... Not too fun!

And my shoes are now floating down stream somewhere : (


  1. keep the wildlife stories comin'. This was fascinating. I've been scared of sharks my entire life. Brandon and I got married b/c we shared this common fear. Now, I shall add moose to the file.

  2. wow, you got my heart pumping and my head is heated! are you guys up for a campfire on Thursday the 3rd w/ becca etc up millcreek??? please come!

  3. Is this Lindsey Redd???

  4. Holy cow! That is amazing, and I am glad you did not get killed by the moose. What a story! You should tell KSL about it and then they can make Caesar look like a hero. haha. But seriously, I'm glad you made it out alive!! :)

  5. HEY Lindsay! I'm so glad you found my blog! I'm excited that you're married and happy...and by the way, I've seen the house you're working on. It looks great from what you started with. It's not far from my house though! You should tell Brad to show you where we live and you could come visit! We'd love to go to Farr's ice cream with you guys too! And i'm glad you're safe after your confrontation with the MOOSE!

  6. That was a great blog. I was totally reading it like a book I couldn't put down.
    are you moving to ogden or is this a house you are flipping.. I am going to need the answer to this question on my blog or my email..
    glad you are ok!

  7. Oh my I can't believe you were that close to a moose. I would be so scared. I have been really good thanks. I know I am glad I found your blog. Where are you guys living?

  8. Thanks! I added you guys too. And oh my gosh.. your story about the moose is so scary! Haha I am glad you made it out alive!! And also I think Ceasar is just about the cutest thing in the world :)

  9. Lindsay, you have to read our first post ever. A moose is what inspired me to blog. We had an extremley similar moose experience, but we were chased by a mama and her not so little baby. I couldn't breath for like a week I ran so fast. They are scary animals!!!