Tuesday, July 8, 2008

To the Newest Member of the Hogan Family

We would just like to introduce the newest member of Team Hogan!

This is Cleo, our goldfish!!

I really just wanted to post this because I thought it was such a cute idea. For my cute friend Laura's wedding shower, they had a sailor themed party. We all wore these sailor hats, took a survey about Laura called Captain vs. Crew. Benn (Laura's fiance) was the captain, we were the crew, and we competed to see who knew Laura better! The best part were the party favors!! These cute mason jars with goldfish!! Super cute!


  1. that was such a fun shower. and i can't believe that dog. must be the puppy chow. also i noticed you put the wrong name for your fish. it's name is emily. weird.

  2. okay, you really should have named THIS pet Hulk!!!! That would have been hilarious!! and how are you? I read Julie and Lindsay your almost moose attack story. we miss you!

  3. Geronimo! he needs a bigger living space!