Tuesday, July 15, 2008


WashU is probably the most fun game I have ever played! This is Drewpy mid-toss!! Utter concentration!!

You try and throw these washers into these wood boxes with holes in them that are worth different point values! And add your score up to twenty-one without going over!
Here are the cousins playing on the last day, Chelsey's showing her incredible WashU form! And Russell just barely missing the number 2 hole!

So close, but so far!!

Cami and me, loving life cheering on the WashU players!! You can tell from my hair... It was wild!!

The best part was the view from Pat and Gerald's back yard! It was so incredible... This picture doesn't even do it justice.... All I know is that we will be back! I can't wait! Thanks Hogan's from an AMAZING weekend!!!

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  1. I am homesick looking at the pictures....it was such a fun time... when you go back, I want to come too--It was great to get to know you too, and see Andrew again. Keep in touch