Tuesday, July 15, 2008


We had so many fun things planned for us while in Dillon. Andrew's aunt and uncle own a ranch that sits on quite a few acres, that over looks the Beaver River. It was beautiful, we went four wheeling, fly fishing and played really fun games. One of the games is called Geo-Caching, where you look up on the Internet the area you are in and it tells you the co ordinance of where these treasure boxes are. You get a GPS and you go and find them. Inside people put in little goodies and you swap your treasure you brought for one in the box.

Here is the gang looking for their treasure... Each co ordinance comes with a clue... This one was "On top of old smokey"... So you hike and follow the GPS to where ever these boxes are hidden! It's like a real live treasure hunt! Who knew that these boxes are hidden everywhere. They said that some can even be hidden in your neighborhood, and you would never know!

Kayle's treasure that he swapped out for another toy!!

Andrew and his cute dad, we were so happy to be with them for these past two weeks before they went back to Texas... We miss them already!

The Hogan crew, Geo-Caching! Such beautiful scenery for a great activity!

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