Tuesday, July 15, 2008


We spent last weekend in Dillon, Montana for a Hogan Family Reunion! This weekend was packed full of adventures! I did three blog post in a row so that it could be read in order, instead of reverse... If that makes any sense.... It's like figuring out a puzzle when you want to do more than five pictures in a blog so I just did three separate entries.... Anyways....

We made a stop in Idaho Falls so that Andrew's parents, whom just returned from their mission in Torreon, Mexico, could be released by Elder Mickelson. They have a beautiful home in Idaho. Complete with a dirt track out in their backyard for four wheelers and motorcycles. We even got to try out the mini motorcycle!! It was a great time!

The Mickelson's are close friends with Elder Scott, and they told us whenever he comes to visit he will take out this little mini motorcycle, it's his favorite!!

We even got to witness Nate do some pretty impressive tricks on the track... Left him a little sore the next couple of days. We enjoyed them though ; )

We kicked up so much dirt on the dirt track that they let us ride around the rest of their property!!! We had a ball!!

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