Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Grandpa's Amazing Funeral

My Grandpa was a Colonel in the Air Force, he was honored with a military funeral. It was incredible!

My brothers, brother-in-laws and Andrew were all his pallbearers at the funeral home, but at the grave site he was taken by Air Force officers.

My grandpa also served for a time in the US Army, so they had soldiers standing off in the distance to remember him.

The soldiers folding the flag.

My grandpa had the most beautiful casket. On all four corners there were symbols from the Navy and the Air Force. They gave these to my mom after the service.

Giving the folded Flag to the Captain.

It's really neat the way they present this flag. I guess they didn't fold it perfectly so they ended up refolding it. They did it with such care and respect, it was really emotional.

The soldiers starting the 21 gun salute! After they finished they had a soldier play Taps.
It was amazing that this was all organized just for my grandpa! He sure deserves it!

They then presented my granny with the flag. The Captain said something like "On behalf of the President of the United States, we wish to say thank you for your husbands service."

It was a beautiful day, with an incredible burial. We all thought so highly of our Grandpa, it was nice to see that the rest everyone else did as well. What was really moving was to see all of my Grandpa's comrades who were there come up individually and salute his casket. Grown men with tears in their eyes, who just loved this great man!
We love you Grandpa!


  1. Linds... That look like it was very special. What a neat guy your grandpa sounds like. How did your prayer go? I'm sure you did wonderful! I love you!

  2. That is really special. I am thinking about you!

  3. Linds I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa. I wish I could have been there for the funeral but my mom said it was really wonderful.

  4. What a special day! I'm glad that you could experience this. I'm sorry for your loss however. I'm sure he was a great man. My grandfather was an Admiral in the Navy, so I fully understand the love of a military man. I love you Linds!