Monday, September 15, 2008

A Taste for Fashion.... D a r n Dog!

Just when he had lured us into a false sense of security... He attacked... Not once... But twice... Little bugger! It started off with Drew's Lacoste shoe. To Caesars defense Andrew had worn them fishing and left them out on the porch, and as you can imagine, the musky, wet odor was more than a dog could take. So we thought that was that, and we went and bought Caesar a Rawhide bone that was the size of my leg. Apparently an hour was all he needed to get the job done.

Then he struck again. They say lighting doesn't strike twice, but Caesar sure does. His next item of business was my Lacoste shoe!! To make matters worse he was chewing it right in front of us as we were watching a movie. Drew and I both thought it was just his shoe. With a quick flip of the light our eyes locked onto the devastation. In a few quick 'nibbles' this was all that remained! Bummer!

So if you enter our house with a tiny alligator decal on your clothing.... You've been warned!

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  1. Thanks for posting on your blog again. We have been missing out on all the fun! Ugh! Those were some expensive Lacoste shoes that Caeser got a hold of! What a bummer! Thanks for the laughs! Love, Robyn and Kira