Monday, September 15, 2008

My Birthday Presents!!!

Just to show you how awesome my family is I thought I would put up my presents! I decided this year I was going to try out road biking, maybe it was the little mini tour de utah I got to witness. Or the fact that you cannot drive anywhere without almost running over a biker, that road biking has been on my mind! Well this was the year!

Drewpy surprised me with the road bike shoes I have been wanting, what is even more impressive was how he knew which size shoe to get. I have about three different shoe sizes in or closet!
Aren't they darling? I asked him if I could have some of his socks so i could wear them over my shoes, so they wouldn't get dirty... The look he gave me, I assume meant no.

My super adorable helmet, that Amy and Rich Hogan gave me!! How amazing are my in-laws... Jealous?

Now it all got a little hazy from here! I just kept opening stuff it was amazing, I think these are from Drew, or at least that's what I was lead to believe... But they could be from Rich and Amy now that I think of it, I'll have to make some phone calls tomorrow!
Oh and Drew (for sure) bought me the white bar tape to re-do the handle bars on my sweet Schwinn... Say that 5x fast!

And last but not least the 'terrifying' click pedals! I am so excited about them, but they truly terrify me! I am still too scared to ride my bike during the day, because it takes me so long to click in, and get out of them is a whole other traumatizing story! But they are AMAZING!! Andrew is going to take me to pick out some new wheels for my purple wonder! I can't wait!! Thank you to my incredible family!!

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  1. So fun! Michael is also picking up the sport, there is a tour de St. George he keeps talking about. You guys should do it together, oh what bonding that would be. I will cheer you on!