Saturday, February 21, 2009

Charlotte Grace aka Chuck!!

(Chuckers with her little sister Ella)
Today we had to say goodbye to a true sweetheart! In true Chuck fashion we all know she needs a post of her very own! She was a true angel on this earth! We are so blessed to have been able to get to know this little spirit! Charlotte was my friend Alex Enslin's niece, she has taught me so much in her short life I hope I can pay a small tribute to the lessons we have learned.

(What a good big sister)
Sweet Chuck (and yes I will take credit for her amazing nickname) was born with partial trimsomy 16 and partial monosomy 9. The doctors didn't think she would survive in utero, or would be born a stillborn. Her parents, who are truly remarkable, decided to still carry her to term. The doctors warned them if she did survive birth she would probably only live for a few weeks. Being the true fighter she was she surprised everyone, not only surviving birth but gracing us with her presence for several years!

Chuckers made such progress in her short life, learning to sit up, roll over and much more! She developed the sweetest personality, and had the greatest belly laugh.

She loved to be the center of attention, and everyone was so willing to be her biggest fan! Even when she would demand it so much that she had to be rushed to the hospital... Silly Chuck! I kept trying to tell her we would give her as much attention as she needed, she didn't need to be so dramatic! I am so happy that there are no more hospital stays for Chuck!

Sweet Chuckers was there when I first took Andrew to hang out with my friends. I was so excited that he got to meet this amazing little girl. Andrew recognized right away how important Charlotte was to everyone who knew her!

Charlotte truly taught me how insignificant a body is to a person. How it is not the body that makes up a person! How strong a little girls spirit can be! And how much a little laugh can make your day. If I could bottle up this little girls laugh and always have it with me, I am certain there would never be a bad day! How happy I am that I know that Charlotte is now with her Heavenly Father, in a perfect body! Being able to run, dance and play. How happy I am that I know she will be with her mom and dad again! Thank you little Chuck for helping me grow! Have fun with that pooch Molly!
We miss you!


  1. hey Linds! Oh my goodness, geez make me cry why don't you! She sounds like she was a sweet little girl and is in a better place! I'm not kidding I got teary eyed, and yes I will blame that on crazy hormones from the post pregnancy phase! :) Also thanks for your compliments on our boy, he is so fun!! I really want to see you guys, we should plan a get together!!!

  2. lindsay that was such a nice tribute. she was such a darling girl, with a special spirit about her. she has been in my thoughts all weekend. take care.

  3. What a sweetheart. Seriously, what an angel. I'm sure you are lucky to have known her! And I'm sure her parents are amazing. Kids are honestly the greatest - it's like Heavenly Father loans us his little angels to take care of!

  4. That was such a sweey tribute to Chuck! She was such an amazing girl and I think I speak for all of us when I say how much we miss her and her adorable laugh!! Love you Chuck!