Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Andrew got a new job!
Andrew was talking about concrete countertops and how amazing they were.  All I could picture was a countertop that looked like sidewalk and wasn't too excited about it.  So on one of my days off I was cruising through blogs (yes blog stalking... you all know you do it too! haha) and came across a blog that had concrete countertops!  Then I realized to make it even better I knew whose blog it was!  So I showed Drew the countertop (which is AMAZING!) and we clicked on the link to

I almost told Drew not to call because I was too embarrassed that I was just creeping around on their family blog... But then I was over it!  So Drew called and had an interview and was HIRED!!  He is loving his job and the work they do is awesome!  Just look!

This (above) is the before of the kitchen

The concrete countertop finished! I LOVE it!  Everything about this kitchen I love!  The tile backsplash, the beadboard on the cabinets! Amazing...

The Before and After of this house is remarkable!  I don't think I could have seen this house before and realized how incredible it could look!

The colors of this house are my favorite!
Click on the link on our page and go see what else they have done!  And if you or someone you know needs work done let us know!  You will LOVE it!


  1. AHH! I would give anything for concrete countertops!! They are the best aren't they?!!

  2. Lindsay, you are so great! And we couldn't be more happy to have Andrew so we are the ones who really lucked out. Please do get going on a Christmas party but hopefully we can get together before than. And don't worry, we won't be suing.:)

  3. That is really cool, I like the look of those. Way to stalk out a job for Ange! :)