Friday, March 6, 2009

Home Show

We went to the Home Show tonight (I'm fact I'm blogging from the car right now, love this phone) with my mom! I can remember coming to the Home Show with my mom for years. And Drew for the last few years has worked at the show for his uncles shutter company Old World Mill (the best In the business!). It was so fun to be with both of them.

It's so fun to go places with my mom and Drew because they both LOVE doing any kind of project! I swear they are the same person! This is a fountain my mom wants Drew to build in her backyard.

This is a kitchen that I LOVED! I'm a sucker for beadboard! Especially redd! Ugh amazing!

This is my kind of planter box! Vinyl boxes that are all angles are within arms reach! I thought it was pretty cool!

A beautiful hutch! I love these dishes I think the accent the add is stunning! I like taking pictures of what I will want one day in our home. There are almost too many options sometimes, but who would really complain about that!

Planter boxes my mom wants Drew to weld! Another one of my wonderful husbands talents!

I really like the blue in this waterfall!

I love seeing all of the different things you can do around your house! It makes me even more excited knowing that Drew is capable of doing a lot of them!

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