Friday, April 24, 2009


Who doesn't have the best childhood memories at Chuck-e-Cheese?! I know I do, and one of them includes my friend who is not my cousin with her other cousin... Did you follow? ha ha
Anyway I get to relive those same fantastic memories now!

Josh and Gracie just making some memories!! It is so funny to see the intensity in little kids trying to earn as many tickets as the machines will spew out!

Josh has gotten this system down... And I have figured out a little bit of the Chuck-e-Cheese magic myself... You can go up and ask for coupons... So instead of paying almost $50 for 100 tokens, you can ask for the $15 coupon, you buy 40 tokens and get 60 free.... Total score!

Josh's tickets.... The kid wastes no time in just getting to it!

Picking out the treasures! What a great place!

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