Friday, April 24, 2009

Seriously??? This Has Got to be a Joke!!!

Meet my friends John and Darren! I have been spending a lot of quality time with these two!
It all started with my sweet little Kia Sephia!  One day while I was at the gym someone maliciously smashed her window, that next week her tire blew.  When we took it in our front axle was completely out, so that needed to be replaced.  
Two months later the timing belt on the Jetta blew, ruining all six pistons in the car.  Requiring an entire new engine!  
Before that happened we started driving the Pathfinder, as we were buying a Christmas Tree I rolled the window down to tell Drew something, and that's how it stayed. A week later Drew was at the bank and rolled the other window down, and you guessed it... it stuck! We went and got the windows fixed.  After we got the windows fixed later that week the Pathfinder didn't start... 
In the mean time the Kia decided to be all sassy and whenever we would turn her on the Hazard Lights would flash, and the horn would honk and wouldn't turn off for several minutes.  We would drive for blocks looking like we had just stolen a car!
As I was going to pick up the Jetta from being fixed I was driving the Kia to Horner's and the shifter that changes the gears just fell off! Luckily I was stuck in second so I just made my way to Horner's to swap cars.
Luckily we were fortunate enough to have amazing friends who let us borrow their truck!  So we took the Pathfinder in after we got the Kia back.
I got a call to pick up the Pathfinder because they had fixed the gages that register if the car can start or not (I don't know what their are called, but believe me I'm about one car fatality away from having my mechanics license... I have already forgotten more than I have ever wanted to know about cars!)  So I was happy as a clam knowing we had fixed our cars and would finally have a break from car trouble.... 
Woah... Not so fast, is what the Universe was telling me!  I drove the Pathfinder home from the shop ran in to get my purse, ran outside turned the key.... and..... SMOKE!
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Are you serious!!?? Horner's made a house call (apparently their is a fix 7 car problems and with the 8th you get a home visit), and saw that the started had fried itself!
And that is how I have been spending my free time.... And savings.... Just in case you wanted to know!
And onto the next....
My sweet sweet Kia has been through a lot! And besides the little hiccups of having a blaring horn and lights she is a trusty stead.   And this is how Drew repays her!

Yes dumping a gallon of paint on the floor in the back seat!
Thanks Honey!
Why would the completely empty trunk not have been the best place for paint?  One of those mysteries we will never know!  Anyway you might be thinking, "oh no big deal just put the floor mat over it."  Well we can't because of the picture below!

My Handy husband had a little accident with Redd paint a few months ago!!!
I give up....


  1. what?? do you need my mechanics number? seriously that is ridiculous!!!! That makes me feel a little better about myself.

  2. Oh Boy, what doesn't kills us just makes us stronger, right? Thank YOU for not killing my cute brother! :)

  3. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!!!!! that's amazing.