Sunday, April 5, 2009

Prayers Needed

For those who don't know, our friend Brandon Plewe (Katie Crockett's husband) was just diagnosed with a form or cancer known as Multiple Myeloma. A condition very rare especially for someone as young as him.
Starting in January Brandon was having back pains. Back problems are pretty common in Brandons family so he was being treated as such. Last Wednesday as Brandon was in excrutiating pain they went to the hospital and found that he had fractures in everyone of his vertebrae. He had lost 4 inches of height because his spinal cord had become compounded. They also found out that his kidneys were failing.
He begins chemotherapy this
 week, and then will have a bone marrow transplant. There is a fund being set up in Brandons name at Zions Bank to help with the cost of treatment. And a calendar where you can sign up to fast for the family. A website for Brandon and Katie is set up where u can get more information. Please keep Katie and Brandon and the Plewe and Crockett families in your prayers.


  1. Oh my gosh, that is so sad! I am so sorry to hear that. Is he just our age? Man, that's horrible. We will definitely keep them in our prayers.

  2. oh sad! is the outlook good after he gets treatment?? I can't remember if I told you my dad's cancer is back but he is doing really great with the treatment so far, he is really strong and feels no different. anyway your friends are in my prayers!

  3. I just Googled them and I was so glad to find your post! Rick and Bobbi Plewe live across the street from us, and we are just so sad to hear of the trial this little family is going to endure! Wea re definately praying for them!

  4. Linds... you never cease to amaze me with how great of a friend you are. Our prayers are with the Plewe's. This is so sad.

  5. Hey Lindsay, this is Lauren Lovin. I am so sorry to hear about Katie's husband. They will be in my prayers. I hope life is treating you and your hubby well!