Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day at the Park

Caesar and I went on a walk today, to get some much needed training in. He has become quite accomplished at walking at heel. We no longer even bring a leash and he hangs right by our side.

Today was a super fun day at the park because Caesar made some friends. Two 10 year olds came up and played with him and he LOVED it!

Here is Caesar demonstrating his 'Nice to meet you'!

The played fetch, and chase and tried to wrestle with him! It was after I took this picture I realized how ENORMOUS he is! When I got home I was cleaning up our yard. Apparently King Kong snuck into our yard and defecated! I will let your imaginations run with that! Anyway, we love this guy. everything about him is BIG and GREAT and I mean EVERYTHING!


  1. Holy HUGE DOG!! Hey Andrew, I hope you are your family are doing well. Since some of you are in Utah we should get together some time! I'm singing the National Anthem at the Bee's game on Monday the 13th, you guys should come, tickets are only 3 bucks!

  2. Oh my! He is huge! I love it. Do you guys live around Highland Park? It looks like that's where you are. Your dog is beautiful.