Sunday, August 23, 2009


Odd day! We took the pooches up Millcreek, this time we did the Mount Aire trail. It was way up the canyon and was full of wildflowers. Probably my favorite hike so far.
While I hate seeing people on the freeway with their dogs in the back of trucks (I always worry about what happens when they get in an accident) we let the dogs in back for the 3 minute drive to the canyon. They love it back there! I wish it were safer for them.
The sky was picture perfect blue, and the weather was 82 deg.
This is a very shady trail, that follows water most the way up, so it's perfect for the dogs.
It is a much steeper climb then the other hikes we have been on recently.
My favorite thing about hiking is being outside with the dogs, and you don't have to deal with people who aren't 'dog people' everyone you pass either just smiles and walks past, or stops to pet your dogs. You don't have to worry about if the person coming along is going to freak out because your dog is walking with you. Everyone is just doing there own thing enjoying nature.
This leaf got me SOO excited for fall! Fall is my FAVORITE season!!!
Then we got home and again, the dogs crashed! I love our family, and it just wouldn't be complete with out the dogs!

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  1. Amen! I know how you feel... my dogs are my life! Love 'em! You need to show me where this trail is... I wanted to start taking my dogs out.