Sunday, August 23, 2009

Puppy Update

We saw the puppies tonight and they are getting so big and chunky!
Super snuggly!
As soon as I got in the pen I got swarmed!
Caesar got to meet his puppies for the first time!
This is the biggest puppies paw on top of Drew's thumb (and Drew's fingers are no dainty petals!) this puppy is Caesar's clone! Biggest puppy and it's a girl!
More snuggles!
Look at the size difference in the smallest puppy and the biggest!
Cleo was much more interested in the puppies then Caesar was! She didn't want to leave!

Sweet puppies! Someone is coming to look at the only fawn male! They will probably go FAST!

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  1. Lindsay!! I love this post! Our lab just had puppies too- isn't it fun? I just love them to pieces. Your puppies are just adorable!