Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Saturday to Remember!

Sometimes I get so claustrophobic in Salt Lake. I need to get out and see and do something totally out of the normal of our everyday life!
So I picked up my book (A present from Drew! And I LOVE it!)
And Drew packed his book, and we were off!
So we set our alarm for 4:45 a.m. And we were in Provo by 5:45 a.m. Drew hit the Provo River with his brother Nathan, and I took the dogs on a Sunrise Hike up to Stewart Falls! It was an awesome morning!
Cleo was so excited about the sunrise she decided she needed to put her signature on my shirt!
The dogs!
Cleo in the sunrise.
So after a quick hike I picked Drew up and we were off again!
We invented a new way to travel with 2 very large dogs. We folded the back seat down, laid a blanket on the seat and trunk and the dogs were in Heaven!
We made our first stop in Richfield so we could deposit my checks, just to find out no banks are open in Richfield on Saturdays. So with an emergency call to my brother Nick (which included a laughing which then turned into crying! Ha! He saved us) we got the money taken care of, and the car filled up.
We then made it to our next destination. The Mystic HotSprings! Which are on page 212 of my book!
We met this man Mike Gingsburg, who did almost all of the artwork/bumper stickers for the Grateful Dead and is now the owner of the Mystic Hotsprings.
These are just a few of his buses. You can soak in the hotsprings for $10, camp for $20 (which includes 2 days in the hotsprings) or stay in a cabin for $30. We are for sure going back!
On the website you can see all of the minerals that are in these hotsprings. Although the water looks a little shady, our skin felt SO amazing after we got out!
It's incredible how the minerals make these formations. They were so pretty!
The dug little canals so water poors directly into bathtubs! It was like my heaven!
After out soak we were off again!
We stopped on the way to have a picnic with my darling picnic basket. But alas, I forgot to take a picture. Then Drew stopped in Fish Lake, near Monroe, And fished for almost an hour. After he had his fill of fishing, (yeah right! Fishing for him is like the insatiable thirst!) we headed off to Goblin Valley!
Drew fell asleep while I was driving and we ended up on a forsaken road! I never claimed to be an expert map reader! It turned out to be the Old Highway 24. It was SOO remote we stopped to let the pooches run, and have some more time to enjoy ourselves!
Caesar enjoying Utah!
After that I was banned from driving! Fine. By. Me! So I Made it my job to insist Drew pull off at all of the scenic view points!
Where we looked at all the Native American jewelry and pottery the Natives had for us to look at!
This I believe was Eagle Lookout. Who can be sure at this point!?
And yes I did waste BOTH of our phone batteries taking pictures of our dogs! They were just being so stinking cute! So no pictures of Goblin Valley! But it was the BEST Saturday EVER!! Utah is the BEST!

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  1. Wow - what a fun trip! Your pictures were awesome! Sounds like tons of fun. Those hot springs look so cool!