Friday, September 4, 2009

Swiss Days

Drew and I just got back from the Midway, Swiss Days!
It was so fun! I headed up by myself and Drew joined me after work.
Just a picture of a Midway gas station. My absolute favorite country I have been to is Switzerland.
It was so majestic and quaint. This is a picture of the city I stayed in Zermatt. You can't tell me there is a prettier place on this planet!
Swiss Days was almost as fun, just no little boys in their lederhosen herding goats down cobblestone streets!
They had so many cute shops, I thought these hand made motorcycle 'rocking horses' would be so cute in a little boys room!
I would put signs like these in a cabin. Something about the colors I am always drawn to.

Drew and his GIANT scone! I thought we were going to have a repeat of Disneyland, where Drew had so much fun he threw up! We seem to be good so far! Ha!
We watched this lady make and carve candle for 20 min. It was amazing how accurate she was with knowing how much wax to get on the candle to have all of the colors coordinate.
It was fun to watch the candles grow as she was dipping them.
Her hands were so steady! It was real talent!
Some of them are a little too cheesy for me to own, but I did love the pumpkin candle!
I can't wait to decorate for Halloween!


  1. I'm so jealous. I wanted to go so bad! Looks like you guys had a blast! How was the shopping? Those candles were pretty amazing. And that's so awesome you got to go to Way fun!

  2. Cheesy? Lindsay, you know you love candles that look like candy canes, I can just see them sitting on a pretty little doylie in your stone cottage. :) Boys, goats and liederhosen really are a hard combination to top!

  3. Boys, goats and liederhosen really are an unbeatable combo.