Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Puppy Update!!

The puppies are getting so big! They will be ready to go to their forever home the end of this month!
This is Brody! Just getting a little 'sun'. It's so funny how much more they are dogs now. Before they were just little puddles who didn't really do much!
Elvis, Bailey and Caesar lll.
Puppy snuggles!
Big girl Bailey!
Caesar lll. He was the first born, and was born tail first! So being the first born male he was named after our Caesar, who's Caesar jr. Yep, we are obsessed with our dogs. Ha ha.
This puppy is the fiestiest of the crew. He's so cute and has the sweetest bark!

Cleo in the puppy pen!! So cute! If you or anyone you know wants a puppy let us know!!! They are going to be the best dogs!


  1. So your puppy has the same name as my husband and I'm not sure how to feel about that... at least the puppy is super cute so I guess it's a compliment haha

  2. Too cute! I wish I could take one of those home with me...

  3. They are so cute, I love the pattern on their coats. We're kind of bored around our house lately, I'm thinking we may need a few puppies. ;) Love you guys!


  4. So cute! They are so adorable. I'm sure Weston would take all of them in a heart beat.

  5. Lindsay! Puppies? This may be a stupid question, but are they from your two dogs?! And I love them, they are beautiful. Thanks for the comment on Max. It really meant a lot. Dogs are wonderful friends and family members to have around.