Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Great Weekend!!

We just had the best weekend! It was one of those weekends that everything just fell together!
Drew surprised me with the cabin, to have a celebration for my birthday since I worked on my birthday and the weekend after. And every weekend following.
The first thing we did when we got to the cabin was Drew started a fire, we snuggled up and read 'The Giver'. My all time favorite books, I think I have read it over 10 times. Best part about this was it was all Drew's idea. He packed the book and the blankets! It was perfect!
The next day we walked to the waterfall to enjoy the leaves. And they did not disappoint! Every year the fall leaves get prettier! I LOVE fall!
These pictures just do not do the leaves justice.
I love this bridge/ walkway, it just reminds me all the fun memories at the cabin.
Then we headed back to the cabin and listened to LDS General Conference on my iPhone via the app fStream. It's amazing what this phone can do.
Then we headed into Provo so Drew could do a little work on this bathroom.
It ended up with us watching Steve work. Which was totally worth it.
This is the bathroom that they just finished up. Their tile work was amazing! And Steve came up with the idea of putting the sconces right on the vanity mirror. It was a beautiful bathroom.
Then we headed down the Provo canyon and Drew took me fly fishing. I would consider it a success seeing as how at no time during fishing did I hook any part of my body!! Ha ha I struggle!
After getting frustrated, I decided to just take some pictures.
Drew is amazing! I can't believe how good he has gotten since the last time we went together.
And to prove I was there and super excited about it here's my picture. It was a perfect relaxing weekend especially since it was wrapped up with me beating Drew soundly in ping pong. Thanks for the AMAZING weekend.

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  1. Fun! That bathroom is awesome. And the leaves are gorgeous too! Looks like a great weekend!