Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve...

Too amazing not to post immediately! The festivities began when Drew and I both finished work and headed straight to my mom's house. We started out with a great dinner. And then were surprised with a visit from on of my dad's very best friend. Jerry performed for us The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. And he was phenomenal.
I love Cookie, our nephew, just lounging on the ground.
The captive audience. Jerry was a much bigger hit then last year when my parents had a 'Norwegian Santa' come and stomp around the living room. He was a little intense!

Jerry was so animated it was better then watching the movie.
The grandkiddlets were mesmerized.
And a Christmas Miracle that Meghan and Wes both made it home for the holiday!
After Jerry left my dad spoke to the family about Jerry and what a truly remarkable man he is. Very inspiring, not only is he a lawyer but is a very successful business man in the Salt Lake valley, but last year at the age of 61 he went back to school to get his nursing degree so that he can serve medical missions for our church.
Then we started our Christmas Eve program where Nick, Drew and I played, We Wish You a Merry Christmas on our iPhones! Beautiful.

Then to really bring in the Holiday spirit the boys performed Poker Face for us! Wonderfully done! Then as always my mom played a slide show of Christ, with beautiful pictures and great music. Then my dad read to us from the scriptures. It was terrific to say the least.
Then it was time for wrestling and tickle torture! Always a good time!

This is why Drew is the best uncle! I can't wait for him to smash our kids heads with pillows! Ha ha they LOVE it! Anyway, then it was time for Drew and me to scamper home to open our Christmas Eve presents! Pajamas! The next few pictures will show you why Drew is my best friend and my Mr. Wonderful! He is the best sport and up for anything!
Our onesie pajamas! So terrific!
How great are these? Sock monkey and reindeer feet! Drew was SO excited! After donning out new PJs we headed out to drive around Christmas and Bible Street.
Driving around Christmas and Bible Street in your new pajamas has been a tradition in my family since I can remember. It is fun to continue the tradition with out little family.
Christmas Street as always did not disappoint!
Bible Street is where all of the homes have scriptures in front of the house that tell the Christmas story. It is one of my favorite traditions. It is fun to go with Drew even though he was jealous I had more scriptures to read on my side of the street to read!
Terrible picture but my favorite scripture (I am a little biased) Luke 2:14 "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace good will toward men." Then Drew wanted to start a new tradition, and I am always up for that! We went to Maverick to get hot cocoa. And Drew insisted that we stay in our onesies! And that is why I LOVE him!
Our pajamas were a huge hit! And can you blame people?
I cannot tell you how much I love Andrew!!
And my version of hot cocoa... Diet Coke! Just as amazing, and just as Christmasey! Now off to sleep and really celebrate Christmas... I just don't know if you can top our Christmas Eve.

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  1. okay lady diet coke is my version of hot coco too - the best version in fact! looks like an amazing holiday, love you guys, love the redd's, love it all (especially the iphone app - soooo cool!) Merry merry! xoxo